Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What in the world is a petti romper?

I’m a new mom of a 15 month year old little girl. When I stumbled across the below photo on my friend's site, I had to ask what the little girls were wearing. My friend was shocked when I had no idea what a Petti Romper was!!! I guess, it’s all the rage in the new mom world. Who would have known!?!? Obviously, not me. :)When I did an online search for “what is a petti romper” nothing came up!Well now I’m hooked... and I have to share my new finding with you.

These savvy rompers are also awesome for photo props- create a memory NOW that will last a lifetime. What a great way to enhance newborn, infant and toddler photo sessions. A definite necessity for any little girl's wardrobe. Incredibly sweet and girly, Petti Rompers are ultra comfortable. My daughter is so picky about what she wears, but LOVES jumping around in this chic romper.

Great as a gift, both Mom and little one will have a blast playing dress up!

Petti Rompers are super comfortable and can be paired with a pair with leg warmers or as we like to call them crawlers!! If you’re feeling extra saucy add a tutu, pearls, head band OR even let your little one borrow a pair of your high heels!!

Give it a try, take some pictures and cherish that moment forever.

xoxo, a friendly lion